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    How to elegantly and easily enroll clients online who gladly pay $5,000 - $100,000

  • Ready to master selling high-ticket coaching, consulting, or services for $5,000 to $100,000?


    (WITHOUT beings salesy or pushy)


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    With Vanessa Horn, MBA

    Entrepreneur Coach + High-End Sales Specialist


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    Download my Classy Close Sales System workbook & Discover How to Elegantly Enroll Clients

    who gladly pay you

    $2,000-$100,000 for your services.

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    Your brand is unique with a discerning clientele. You've done the work necessary be exceptional at what you do.



    However, If you are like most entrepreneurs I know, your level of income does not match the level of heart and soul you pour into your business.



    The solution is to master sales enrollment conversations.



    The problem is traditional sales tactics are inauthentic and do not reflect your style or how you prefer to show up in the world.


    Good news... You don't have to compromise your standards.



    I've got you, Babe.



    Most sales training falls into two camps at opposite ends of the spectrum:

    1. HARD CORE CLOSERS have a pushy, aggressive edge to them. This method work can work, but it can leave a trail of relational collateral damage. For those of us who are heart-centered, we are 100% turned off by this method and refuse to show up that way.



    2. On the other hand, OVER GIVERS, swing the pendulum to the other side. Over givers believe that if you just serve enough via free sessions that it will be enough to enroll clients. Unfortunately, that isn't true. I learned that the hard way...



    When I first entered the coaching and consulting industry, I fell into the Over Giver category. My first 18 months I did over 280 hours of free sessions and it resulted in -0- clients. I was devastated.

    The reason Over Giving doesn't work is because being effective at coaching/consulting is not the same thing as being affective at closing. I've seen many talented entrepreneurs struggle financially because they couldn't close the sale.
    In THE ART OF THE CLASSY CLOSE™, you'll learn a sophisticated but simple way to both serve AND effectively enroll clients without being a hard core closer or an ineffective over giver.
    Welcome to a new and effective way of enrolling that feels good.

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    • Imagine transitioning to the "money" part in your enrollment conversations and for it to feel as natural as the work you love doing.


    • Imagine securing the contract and immediately being able to move into serving your newly signed client, rather than hearing that they still "need to think about it."


    • Imagine earning multiple streams of income without having to work all the time.


    • Imagine the ability to go where your want, and do what you want without worrying about being able to pay yourself or your team.


    (It's okay to breathe a sigh of relief right now.... You're in the right place.)

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    Effortlessly fill your business over & over again and enjoy doing your most inspiring work with your most inspiring clients.








    Upon enrollment, you will receive immediate access to a 5 part video training with actionable training that walks you step-by-step how to enroll high-ticket clients with ease.




    Get my exact fully written out script + calls templates used to consistently close high-end sales (up to $100,000 per sale).



    Work with Vanessa to dial in your sales funnel and enrollment script.

    • Sales and conversion results accountability 
    • Sales skills practice
    • Strategy and tactics training



    Work directly with Vanessa and her team to dial in your script and role play to master the skills.


    Top performers will be given first dibs to sell on our top opportunities.



    I've taught sales for years, and there is nothing like seeing it demonstrated live. Clients have had huge breakthroughs listening to actual recorded calls demonstrating selling $3,900-$30,000 packages to cold traffic and gracefully closing in a single call. Multiple examples included.



    Vanessa will help you get really good at presenting the offer, securing the yes and collecting the money during your enrollment conversation.



    Find out how Vanessa dissolves sales resistance by eliminating objections, excuses and stalls from the sales conversation before they happen. You'll discover what to say, and crucially, how to say it, that makes all the difference.





    In this class, you will experience the internal shifts necessary to step into the best version of yourself. Discover how to be your most inspiring self, worthy of premium clients and shatter any of your previous earning ceilings. No more discounting your value. Discover how to finally earn what you're worth.





    In this class, you will learn the Close with C.L.A.S.S.Y.™ framework to support you in an exquisite way of closing that honors your prospects and guides them to choose YOU. You will receive my exact framework, scripts, templates and create clients immediately ready to hire you.




    In this class you will learn why this is an area where traditional sales trainings get it all wrong. In our heart and in our prospect's heart, we know when this is done in a way that feels classy and when it is not. Discover how to strategically structure your calls and leverage your marketing to elegantly eliminate objections and turn "I cannot afford it" into clients who take inspired action and say 'yes' on the spot.





    In this class, you will learn the next steps to have the sale stick--avoid clients backing out, disappearing, having buyers remorse, or asking for refunds. Through the Classy Close, you will learn how to have 100% of the right clients say 'yes' to working with you, but then what? We don't stop there. Discover how to create a 5 star experience through all the touch points of enrollment, including taking payment, legal agreements, to creating a VIP client on-boarding experience and more!





    Discover how to structure your ascension model so that you create higher revenue without having to constantly market. Discover the right time and way to present upsells and downsells so that you can meet your prospects at the support and investment level that best serves their needs without it requiring additional work from you.

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    I have previously only shared this sales training with my high-level mastermind clients.



    However, because my mission is to empower men and women to increase their earning power and shatter their glass ceilings, I've chosen to open my sales training. Get this transformation sales training today via an affordable home study version.



    You'll find it hard to believe that this beautiful gift to yourself is called "business."



    Go ahead, Darling.



    You deserve it.





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      I went from selling $40,000 packages to selling $100,000 VIP packages.

      “I always treated my clients as VIPs. Vanessa helped me charge them like VIPs.”


      Darshan Phillips, Design Agency




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      An extra $200,000 within 4 months

      "I wanted a step-by-step system to reach my goals of earning multiple 6-figures while serving my purpose.

      Working with Vanessa, not only did I get a bigger picture of my possibilities, but I discovered the value of a high paying client.

      I began with a dead start in September. Just 90 days after beginning this program, I attracted over 45 clients paying $3,000 - $8,000 each for a group program. And one client who paid $100,00 for private one-on-one."

      ~ Jeff Carlisle, Consultant & Trainer

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      Made $40,000 my first month and sold out my program each time I ran it!

      "After working with Vanessa, I am confident about being able to generate limitless income."


      ~Charity Bradshaw
      Founder and Creator of LAUNCH, Author Edition



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      $13,000 within my first month!

      "Before working with Vanessa, I struggled with charging what I was worth.


      Since working with Vanessa, I am confident in charging premium prices that I now sell with ease.


      Within a month of signing up I have landed 3 high-end clients totaling over $13,000 in sales using Vanessa's formula."


      ~ Angel Coleman, Coach & Founder of Profit with Style

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      3 clients at $25,000 each within 6 weeks

      "When I was transitioning from being a Director for a non-profit into the coaching industry, Vanessa helped me see the value and confidently charge for my services."


      ~ Mike Monahan, Executive Coach

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      Immediately enrolled a $60,000 client

      "Before working with Vanessa, I struggled to know how to take my expertise in tax & accounting and tech start-ups and use it to create high-end clients.


      With Vanessa's recommendation, I created a new Shadow Chief Financial Officer program with clients paying me $5,000/mo."


      ~ Crystal Stranger, EA & Author

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      I am now helping thousands of clients all over the world!

      "Vanessa shared how to make passive income by scaling my business online. It was clear the woman knew what she was talking about. She walked the walk. I wanted her results… So I hired her.


      After all, if you really want to change the world, you need to scale.

      While working with Vanessa I launched my online job hunting program, which has helped thousands of job seekers all over the world land more job offers and increase their income."


      ~Ashley Stahl, Founder of Limitless Career Lab, FORBES contributor

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      Increased my effective hourly rate from $200 to $1,200

      "Before working with Vanessa, I was exhausted with a waiting list of 1-on-1 clients. I was told by other coaches that transitioning from being a therapist to being a coach would be difficult.


      With Vanessa's help, I launched my first high-end coaching program where I served 6 clients at the same time, taking my effective rate from $200/hr to $1,200/hr. I have used her system to launch and sell out multiple programs."


      ~Isabelle Tierney, LMFT

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      Signed the largest movie DVD Distributor in her niche as a client

      Leveraged her expertise and one-to-one PR agency work to successfully fill her first high-end group program.


      ~Cheryl PR Expert

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      First, I am not your "typical sales person." I've never been able to talk my way out of a speeding ticket and in my first job review they told me I wasn't assertive enough. Yet, I can close a sale like a boss. ;)

      Secondly, I have a track record for helping entrepreneurs make money (even if my philosophies go against convention. Yes, I'm a bit of a rebel like that.) I cut through strategies that do not work long-term and simplify things because I care about you not only achieving your goals, but about you being able to sustain them without burning out or sacrificing the relationships that matter most to you.


      When I graduated from my MBA program, my mentor encouraged me to go into sales. He said, "Vanessa, the most valuable skill you can have in your career is to learn how to sell. It will give you the highest earning potential and it is transferable to any industry."

      Did I listen to him [right away]? I wish I could say yes.


      Because I associated sales with being pushy, I wanted nothing to do with it.


      Fast forward several years into my career, when I had my son (I now have 3). I wanted time freedom to enjoy him.

      That's when I became an entrepreneur for the first time. I invested $50,000 in a franchise that included sales training. It was the first time I experienced that sales could feel natural and easy.


      I trained my staff on that sales system and we grew so quickly we were recognized as the #1 franchise out of 10,000+ franchises worldwide.


      I went on to build and sell several more businesses in different industries including: a multi-million dollar high-end skincare business, a direct sales wellness business (where I achieved #2 distributor out of 43,000+ distributors worldwide), and a successful coaching/consulting business.

      Each industry helped me fine tune my sales skills. Along the way, I received many requests like, "Vanessa, may I shadow you?" Or, "Do you have a doll where I can just pull the string and have have you speak on my behalf?" (haha)

      I'll show you how to be the best version of YOU within this framework. I have formalize my sales system and scripts (including the inner work) and over the last 12 years I have trained over 20,000 entrepreneurs how to close with C.L.A.S.S.™


      Ready to take a peek? You're in good hands.

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      Grab the Art of The Classy Close™ sales training curriculum, scripts, templates and actual call recordings for this exclusive home study price.



      Investing in sales training offers one of the greatest returns on investment. How many sales did you lose last year?



      Conservatively, just one sale closed with the help of this training and the training will pay for itself, not to mention the lifetime value of increasing your ability to close.



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      "Now I feel like I WANT to do sales calls! This is the solution I've been looking for all my life!"

      "Before working with Vanessa I actually removed sales calls from my biz model because frankly, they were a waste of time and rarely if ever converted to sales. I've learned several "techniques" over the years but nothing that felt authentic to me.


      After Vanessa demonstrated and taught us her Close with CLASS "recipe" I felt like THIS was the solution I was looking for all my life! I couldn't believe it could be this easy and feel this good.

      Now I want to do sales calls because I feel that I'm a trusted advisor to help my prospects make an inspired decision, not one out of desperation. " ~Julia Slike



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      "The script that we dialed-in specific for my industry, with guidance from the heart, was AMAZING!"

      "I benefited so much from seeing Vanessa's processes, languaging, and HEART in how she presents herself. I learned as much from watching how she shows up to her training as I did from the content. Amazing. Her content is incredible, infused with heart and soul, and easy to work with. I'm so thankful for this program." ~ Athena Rosett



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      "A proven process tailored to my business was so valuable!"

      "Before working with Vanessa, my strategy call was give heaps of value and the proverbial farm by solving problems with what Vanessa calls, the P.S. Close: "Do you want to buy?" at the end!

      Now, I know the steps that would lead someone to say yes and feel more confident about my upcoming strategy sessions." ~ Bev Roberts



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      "I feel so much more confident going into my sales calls!"

      "Before working with Vanessa, I was unclear on the proper sales metrics to use to determine if my sales conversation/script was viable. I was also unclear on how to improve those metrics.


      Learning in The Art of The Classy Close which sales metrics mattered and which ones did not was golden! I feel more comfortable with a sales script that fits my personality." ~Stacy Mobley



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      "Eye Opening!"

      "Working with Vanessa in the Art of the Classy Close program helped me overcome my fear of being pushy and disturbing when calling out to clients, and transform it in a feeling of giving and helping others in solving their problems." ~Cecile Noldus




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      "My confidence in sales calls has increased to the point that I'm no longer nervous about how to transition to payment at the end."

      "Everything I hoped to be covered was, and more. I'm so impressed by the program. Not one part of it felt salesy or uncomfortable. It completely re-framed how I approach my sales calls, it feels natural, serving and authentic to use this method.


      Before this course I'd never felt comfortable transitioning to the payment part of my sales calls.


      The Art of the Classy Close gave me a COMPLETE script to use to close clients over the phone. Vanessa showed me how to adapt it to fit my personality, my clients general needs, my niche and my needs. The whole thing feels natural, easy and comes from a place of serving. Even though I'm selling, I don't feel (or sound) salesy. It comes from a place of honesty and best intentions." ~ Sarah Goldsbury



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      "Vanessa modeled how to both CARE and CLOSE."

      "Before Vanessa's course, in my sales calls I delivered too much info trying to solve the potential customer's problem. Therefore, some people did not think that they needed to invest further in my 12-week Signature Program because they had already received so much from me (Complimentary) Augh!


      I am a "heart-centered" Speakerpreneur and wholistic wellness specialist. Therefore, this process is in direct alignment with my desire to serve individuals with genuine "CARING.


      I am blessed to have had the opportunity to experience the brilliance, positive energy and confidence of Vanessa!" ~ Dr. Gayle Jones



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      "I now LOVE every sales conversation!"

      "Before working with Vanessa I had a sales call template that looked good on paper but felt horrible to deliver. I wasn't quite sure why.


      I now have the confidence to charge a higher price point and to LOVE every sales conversation I engage in. More importantly, I now have a way that ensures my prospect has a VALUABLE experience and that we both reach a clear yes/no decision about working together." ~ Leslie Lockhart



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      "Confidence to SEAL THE DEAL!"

      "Before working with Vanessa I struggled with closing the gap and asking for the sale. I can be the best marketer on planet earth and have a list most would envy but if I cannot convert anyone from my genius marketing abilities my entire business would be meaningless.


      The Art of the Classy close program helped me gain the confidence I need in order to actually close the current prospects I am working with.


      Vanessa gives incredible value by providing alternatives on how to close and transition into asking for the sale that best fits our individual personalities. ~ Christina Allan



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      "I love how concrete, clear and actionable the information was, not theory or watered down."

      "Before working with Vanessa I didn't have a process for my phone calls and it made them scary...and took away my ability to serve and connect with potential clients. My own lack of plan and proper technique made me ineffective.


      After The Art of the Classy close I finally have a plan and can stop getting in my own way! I can serve from my heart, rather than my anxious head.


      Vanessa's sale call (strategy call) script and questions gave me SO much clarity. I could see what I was missing and what I was doing right....then could adjust appropriately. I had a tangible script right in front of me that I could use immediately!" ~ Lindsay Weldon



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      "Shifted my mindset around sales to feel good and aligned with selling as a true service to prospects."

      "Before The Classy Close I struggled with how to format my sales call in a way that flowed effortlessly and didn't feel icky or overbearing, reeking of telemarketer scarcity tactics to seal the deal.


      The Art of the Classy Close program helped me close the gaps in my sales process from mindset, to my offer, positioning and utilizing the proper language to tap into the needs of the client and provide the best solution for them." ~Loreal Moss



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      "I cannot wait to get on a call! I never thought I would ever say that!"

      "Before working with Vanessa, I had no sales call that closed with a "yes." Through the Art of the Classy Close, I was able to write a strategy session and call script that feels full of love and heart-centered essence. I cannot wait to get on a call! I never thought I would ever say that!


      I feel able to do sales calls with ease. I am looking forward to not overloading prospects, but be really present to hear what is going on for them and confidently offer my solution." ~Hayley Henderson



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      I know what it is like to purchase something on the Internet and wonder if it is really the right fit.



      That is why I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.



      Here's how it works... I give you immediate access to everything (minus bonuses, in some cases). Get in there right away. Check it out. Check me out.



      If you find when you get inside that it does not resonate with you for any reason, no worries. I just ask that you not belabor it. Let my client concierge know right away and she'll take care of you in an elegant, 100% classy way.



      My heart is for this to be just the beginning of working together.


      In over six years of selling online courses, I've had so few refunds that my payment processor calls the rarity an anomaly. We stand behind what we do. And if you've gotten this far, I'm confident you'll love it.


      You ready? I'm happy to take the risk on me.